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Always use Massage Blocks as directed and at your own risk.

Stop using Massage Blocks and consult a medical professional if you have:
  • increasing pain or a worsening of symptoms
  • new pain and a previous history of cancer
  • pain that increases with rest
  • experienced major trauma (e.g. a significant fall, direct blunt trauma to spine, high velocity injury as in a motor vehicle accident)
  • experienced a recent significant trauma which produced pain (e.g. fall, hit by baseball, cycling accident)
  • osteoporosis or you have taken medications to increase your bone mass
  • had a recent surgery
  • taken corticosteroids for a long period
  • pain which awakens you or affects your sleep
  • weight loss without dieting or unexplained weight loss
  • persistent fever or chills
  • progressive weakness or sensory changes throughout lower extremity
  • recent changes in bowel or bladder Irregularities (incontinence, urinary retention, constipation)
  • a loss of sensation or altered sensation throughout inner thighs and groin region (saddle area)

While using Massage Blocks you should feel some pressure and may feel minor soreness, but you should never feel a worsening of pain. Nor should you experience severe pain or any symptoms that radiate into your extremities. If these things happen, stop using Massage Blocks and see a medical professional.
Minor skin redness in the area of focus is expected, be sure to monitor the area for the first couple sessions. If bruising appears the following day wait a couple days and then decrease the amount of bodyweight you are putting into the tool. Targeted gentle stretching after a Massage Blocks session allows for further relaxation and decreased soreness. If you have persistent bruising see a medical professional.
This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat or cure any disease.
For more information please see our Knowledge Base