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Complete Set Pro
[Complete Set Pro]


I'm a physical therapist and I specialize in unique cases where mainstream methods have failed the person. These "blocks" have become one of my favorite tools for restoring fascial integrity. They actually have a lot more uses than you might think - experiment with them! just left a set with a 90 year old former golf champion who had a stroke and is learning to walk again, he currently uses them to help wake up his feet. The first time he used them we saw marked progress in his grounding. They are great for trigger points all over the body. The quality is way beyond anything I've seen on the market, and I constantly look for new tools to help me with my work. I appreciate the quality because my tools are an investment and I want them to last a long time.
I'm devoted 100% to the success of my clients and they know that and my success rate is very high. With this tool, my clients can do self massage techniques between sessions with me, enabling them to progress twice as far in half the time. If a client doesn't see results every time you work with them they will become discouraged and give up. this tool enables the client to do a lot of the work themselves. I also use them on my own trigger points daily.
Well worth the investment!
Chaya Linn
Date Added: 10/06/2012 by Chaya Linn