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Block Set Pro Blue


Block Set Pro
Color: Deep Ocean

The Block Set Pro (formerly the Knot Finder Kit) includes one each Small, Medium and Large Blocks. These tools are designed to release muscles that are not in close proximity to the spine and can be used on nearly any part of the body for Trigger Point Therapy and Joint Mobilization. Massage Blocks stable platform outperforms any massage ball on the market, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Runners - this set is also great for plantar fasciitis and stretching of the mid-foot and ankle.

The experience of deep tissue massage may be intense, even overwhelming, to those experiencing it for the first time (it should never hurt).  Just remember to go slowly, and if it hurts, stop immediately and speak with your physician before trying again.  Please see our Warning and List of Red Flags.

Please see our Video Demonstration for Releasing Neck and Shoulder Muscle Tension.

This purchase includes the Large, Medium and Small Knot Finders.

All Parts Patent Pending, Recyclable and Made in USA.