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Twin Block

Twin Block


Twin Block

Available Colors

The Twin Block is great for releasing the traps, rhomboids, calf muscles (Gastrocnemius), levator scapulae and many of the muscles groups targeted by the Medium Block.

To realize the full benefit of this tool we do recommend purchasing this tool as part of the Twin Block Pro.  However, for those looking for reduced functionality and power without the extra expense, this is a great option.  We do not recommend this tool alone for treating tension headaches as the elevation of the head is important to impart the traction required for a proper sub-occipital release.

For those who have used Tennis Balls for Trigger Point Massage, the wait is over! The Neck and Shoulder Tool is a vast improvement to any massage ball on the market, AND it will never go flat.

Please see our Video Demonstration for Releasing Neck and Shoulder Muscle Tension.

Or check out these videos from Scientific Fitness:
IT Band Recovery
Hip Flexor Recovery
Glute and Hamstring Recovery
Shoulder Recovery (Posterior)
Teres Major and Teres Minor Recovery

All of these videos and everything in our Video Library just scratches the surface of what can be done with these amazingly versatile tools.

The experience of deep tissue massage may be intense, even overwhelming, to those experiencing it for the first time (it should never hurt).  Just remember to go slowly, and if it hurts, stop immediately and speak with your physician before trying again.  Please see our Warning and List of Red Flags.

This purchase includes a Medium Knot Finder only.

All Parts Patent Pending, Recyclable and Made in USA.

Twin Block-Reactive Violet Twin Block With Product Guide Twin Block-Zen White